What to do if the state of Texas Wants to Take your Property Through Condemnation

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Lawyers and Law Firm

If you live in Texas and the state wants to take your property through its condemnation laws, it is crucial to get a good property condemnation attorney in Texas. Everyone in Texas takes their land as their legacy and Texans strongly oppose any government attempts to seize their land.

What exactly are the condemnation laws in Texas? Before the state can take your property, they must go through an intricate process. Before they can exercise their right of eminent domain they must move to the condemnation stage first. There is a legal process that determines whether the state can take your land, and it ultimately decides if you get to keep it.

If the state wins its case they are required to compensate you in full, usually at a price they determine. One of the best ways to fight a condemnation process follows the law establishing the right of eminent domain. The state can only take your property through its process if it intends to use the land for a public purpose, like a new highway. You may also contest the amount of payment that the state wants to give you.

Another area of concern is if the entity initiating the eminent domain process does not have the legal right to exercise this process. Landowners have often challenged the process on that basis and have won their cases.

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