What To Do When Construction is Delayed in Fort Myers

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Law Firm

Contracting work can be full of unexpected setbacks, delays, and other problems that aren’t always obvious before a project starts. A delay in construction can lead to extra expenses, loss of revenue, not to mention a mountain of additional work required to sort out whatever issue is causing the delay in the first place. There are a variety of situations in which construction work might get delayed. Here are a few scenarios and common ways to get your project moving forward again.

Incorrect Estimates

Having incorrect estimates can cause a lot of problems, especially if the estimate was too low to accommodate costs. The best way to fix these possible financial problems is to use proper estimating software, as well as using a cloud-based construction management package for large scale projects to ensure all of the figures you’re using for your cost analysis is up to date.

Lack of Communication

Clear communication is essential when it comes to large scale contracting work. Making sure everyone is kept informed of updates, changes to the design plan and even potential setbacks such as weather forecasts, supply issues, and inadequate manpower should be communicated clearly to all the necessary parties. While miscommunicating some of these issues such as supply delays, potential weather problems, and shipping times for materials could simply cause the project to drag on, making unauthorized changes to the design or layout of the project could also lead to legal troubles, which could further add to the delays, as well as the cost. If legal troubles do arise, construction law firms in Fort Myers may be able to help.

Labor Challenges

Finding adequate manpower for a construction job can be difficult, especially with multiple projects to juggle. While it may be tempting to have a team of workers move from one project to the next to get things done, the extra time constraint can lead to mistakes, and potentially legal troubles if the mistake poses enough of a hazard. Overworking your crew can also lead to strikes and other legal issues as well. The use of streamlined management workflows as well as scheduling software can help alleviate some of these labor challenges, making finding stable manpower a lot easier.

If you are running into any kind of legal trouble on your worksite, either as an owner or a contractor, the first step is to contact construction law firms in Fort Myers. Many of these law firms provide services such as defending building and design contracts to ensure that any proposed or unauthorized changes to the designs don’t breach your rights as a contractor. They also can help homeowners enforce Florida’s contractor and licensing laws when unqualified or unlicensed workers perform shoddy work under the guise of licensed professionals, as well as protect the licenses of those professional workers from owners who are simply using the complaint process to get free work done. Lastly, they can also help contractors pursue construction liens and owners who refuse to pay for work. If you’re looking for construction law firms in Fort Myers, Fisher Law Office is a great place to start.

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