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When Filing for Divorce, Contact Divorce Attorneys in Temecula for Help

There are a few important facts one must face when getting a divorce. Finding agreeable terms to a divorce is almost impossible if it’s the former spouses negotiating the terms. It’s very rare for one spouse to simply be fair to the other. In most cases, the filing process is vindictive and often intentionally long and drawn out. It’s very common that in the moths previous to filing for divorce that one spouse began moving assets to a hidden bank account or other secure location. Most importantly, the results will definitely be one sided if one spouse decided to represent themselves while the other has the benefit of legal counsel. The first thing to do when those papers are served is to contact an attorney right away.

With the help of divorce attorneys in Temecula, it’s possible to make a stand in court and avoid being railroaded. If one spouse decides to make things difficult for the other by filing extra litigious action, there’s almost nothing the other spouse could do. With the benefit of legal counsel a response could be filed, preventing the spiteful spouse from making things any more difficult than they need to be. Knowing how to respond to certain paperwork is the key to a successful divorce. Most people aren’t aware of the options they have when filing for divorce or responding to one. This is why it’s so important to have the benefit of legal counsel during a divorce. All it takes is some well-timed paperwork to help set the case right and hopefully turn the tables.

If the divorce papers have been served, it’s time to contact a service provider such as the law office of Michelle Penna for help. The respondent will need to take one of two courses of action, in most cases. If the claims made in the divorce are agreeable, filing a response is all that’s needed. If the claims being made are in any way inaccurate, a counter-petition will need to be filed. Petitioners or respondents can click here for more information about how to get started or how to respond to a divorce.

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