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When To Hire A Veterans Benefits Lawyer

If you feel that you should be granted disability benefits as a result of an illness or injury you suffered while serving in the armed forces, you can be in for a long, frustrating process. Hiring a veterans benefits lawyer in Ohio can eliminate or at least reduce the misery and headaches that you will no doubt suffer from. Even the most skilled lawyer cannot make the DVA move any quicker; you may find that the benefits you get are better. A seasoned VA benefits lawyer is intimate with the complex laws and rules and can see opportunities that would go unnoticed to you.

When is the time to hire a veterans benefits lawyer?

In many cases you can make the initial claim to the DVA without legal assistance. There are veterans services organizations that can help with the claim but bear in mind, these individuals are rarely lawyers.

The time to hire a veterans benefits lawyer in Ohio is after you get notification from the DVA that your claim has been denied and you intend to appeal. A lawyer is also beneficial when you wish to apply for a discharge upgrade which will allow you to qualify for disability benefits.

What questions you should you ask a lawyer?

There are many lawyers that focus their practice on disability law but often these lawyers are primarily involved in those claiming disability from Social Security. It is extremely important that the lawyer you hire has expertise in veterans disability law. There are a number of questions that you should pose when interviewing potential legal representatives.

  • Are you accredited by the DVA?
  • How many years have you been actively practicing veterans benefits law?
  • Can you help improve the effective date of my benefits?
  • Can you help get me the highest possible rating for my condition?
  • Are you willing to provide legal assistance right up to the Court of Appeals if need be?

A veterans benefits lawyer in Ohio usually bases his or her fee on whether you need assistance appealing a denial or arranging a discharge upgrade.

If you are appealing a denial of benefits or you need a discharge upgrade you will need to hire a seasoned veterans benefits lawyer in Ohio. You are welcome to contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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