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When to Hire Domestic Violence Lawyers in Murrieta, CA

Many couples encounter difficulties during their relationships. At times, a dispute becomes violent, and one or both parties are charged with domestic violence. Anyone who has been charged with this crime needs to seek the help of domestic violence lawyers in Murrieta, CA to protect their rights and responsibilities.

Domestic violence is defined as abuse or any threat of abuse by a person who is involved in an intimate relationship with another person. It does not have to be physical, although many individuals assume it must. For this reason, any person charged with the crime will need to know more about the charges and the consequences they are facing.

Abuse As Defined by Law

As mentioned above, abuse does not have to be of the physical type for someone to be charged with domestic violence. Sexual assault, the threat or promise of harm to a person, physical violence, or an attempt to hurt another individual, are classified as domestic violence if those involved are in a relationship. Furthermore, disturbing the peace of another person, destroying their property, harassment, and stalking are all charges a person may face when accused of domestic violence.

Resolving the Issues

Individuals accused of domestic violence often assume they can resolve the matter simply by talking to the accuser. Once the legal system has become involved, however, it’s best to leave any communication between the parties to the lawyers. This is especially true when a restraining order has been issued, as this prevents the accused from running afoul of the law and finding themselves in additional trouble thanks to these actions. To learn more about domestic violence laws in the state of California, visit the website of the Law Office of Michelle Penna.

What may appear to be an open-and-shut case could actually lead to the defendant’s life being seriously disrupted in a variety of ways. Don’t try to handle this matter alone, as those who do so could spend time behind bars, lose their job, and a great deal more. domestic violence lawyers in Murrieta, CA work to ensure that their clients’ rights are protected at all times.

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