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Where to Find a Lawyer to Help Fight Domestic Violence in Mankato, MN

One of the most tragic family situations is that of domestic violence. Sadly, many domestic violence situations end up with one spouse or relative severely injured, or even dead. Whenever a person finds themselves in a domestic violence situation, they should hire a lawyer to intervene in the matter. A family lawyer who handles cases involving domestic violence in Mankato, MN offers information for those potential clients who need to know about domestic violence laws.

* Domestic assaults occur when one party intentionally inflics bodily injury to the other. It also occurs when there is an attempt to cause such harm, or if a person is fearful that such an act may occur to them or another family member.
* In the state of Minnesota, a police officer does not have to have a warrant to arrest an individual they believe has committed a domestic offense such as assault, sexual attack, or threats. In fact, the officer can arrest an individual who has violated a protective order and have the individual held in a cell for a minimum of 36 hours.
* A person who feels in need of protection from a loved one causing domestic disturbance, the court can issue a protective order. This order will come before a court within 14 days of it being served to the respondent, although no less than five days.
* The protective order can cover such things as awarding temporary custody of the children, awarding temporary support for the spouse and the children, and prevention of the respondent from the premises or workplace of the petitioner.

If the protective order is violated, the petitioner needs to seek immediate relief from the law officials. It is also necessary that the petitioner should seek an attorney who can handle the case of domestic violence in Mankato, MN. Blatz Law Office has been representing clients for various legal cases in the Mankato, Minnesota area for many years. If any person needs the law firm’s services for domestic violence, wills or trusts, or other areas of criminal law, visit the website at

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