Your Guide to Criminal Breach of Trust in Singapore

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Attorney

Have you recently dealt with a breach of trust that you feel might be a criminal offence? Whether it is theft, misuse of funds, or any other betrayal, you may have a criminal case. Here is how to know:

What is a Criminal Breach of Trust?

According to the law, criminal breach of trust in Singapore involves the misuse of property or funds that an individual or group has been entrusted with. That can cover a wide range of criminal offenses – and even many that you might not think of as criminal.

Entrusting someone with property may involve allowing them to borrow an item or asking them to safeguard an asset. You might lend a friend someone valuable or ask an associate to protect a piece of property for your business. Either way, if that person or organization misuses or dishonestly gains from that entrustment financially, you may have a criminal case against them.

Some examples of criminal breach of trust include:

  • Misusing or misallocating funds donated to an organization.
  • Selling a vehicle or boat left in one’s care by a family member.
  • Throwing unapproved for-profit events on a piece of property that is entrusted to a person or organization.
  • Selling or pawning an instrument, piece of jewelry, or another valuable item lent to a friend.

Many other cases may qualify as criminal breach of trust in Singapore. Determining whether your case is one of them may be easier with the help of a legal professional.

Should You Work with an Attorney?

Dealing with legal matters that also involve a person or entity that you previously trusted can be difficult and stressful. If you, your loved one, or your organization have been the victim of criminal breach of trust, working with an experienced legal professional can help. Your lawyer can help you address the many things you may be experiencing during this process, as well as help you determine your next steps.

Working with an attorney is your best option for recovering lost items or receiving compensation for your loss. Do not leave the result of your criminal case to chance. Partner with a legal professional and get the guidance you need to navigate the entire process – and achieve the results you are hoping for.

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