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A Disability Attorney in Muskegon, MI Assists Disability Applicants After a Serious Accident Causes Permanent Injury

In some instances, an accident that causes permanent disability is the fault of another person’s negligence. In that case, the injured person may file a personal injury lawsuit with the assistance of an attorney. In other cases, the person who was injured caused the accident or there really is no one at fault. This individual may need a disability attorney in Muskegon, MI if the initial claim is denied, which happens in the majority of instances.

Examples of Accidents Where No One Else Is Liable

Many situations that cannot be blamed on someone are truly unfortunate. The same is true when someone takes an action without thinking carefully about the potential consequences. In some instances, there really is no time to think. For example, a motorcyclist might swerve to avoid a deer that jumps onto the highway, resulting in catastrophic injuries.

A person may make an error in judgment or act impulsively in a way that causes serious injury. Accidents can happen when people inaccurately judge distance. Some homeowner’s insurance companies will not insure homes if a swimming pool on the property has a diving board, as the underwriters know how dangerous they can be. Skiing accidents can cause long-term brain trauma or paralysis.

Applications, Denials and Appeals

After an accident that stops a person’s ability to work full time, financial struggles are typical results. The injured individual may believe it’s obvious that they deserve Social Security disability payments, so it can be a shock to receive a denial letter. A Disability Attorney in Muskegon MI understands the reasons why denials are so common and can help with a successful appeal. The client must definitively prove long-term disability in order to qualify.

Because the agency wants applicants to reach maximum medical improvement before deciding on a case, there often is a significant delay before an individual can be approved. Even the initial application process can benefit from assistance from an organization such as Bleakley Law Offices, P. C. With initial claim approval, payments can begin quickly without the long delays associated with the appeals process or filing a new claim later.

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