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What Should You Know Before Signing a Contract for Surety Bail Bonds in Inverness?

When a family member or friend needs help getting out of jail, there are a few things a person should consider before seeking services for Surety Bail Bonds in Inverness. This is a responsibility that should never be taken lightly because it could lead to an adverse outcome. With this information, individuals will be aware of what they need to consider before they sign the contract documents to have the individual released on bond.

What Should Be Considered?

Although time is of the essence when someone is in jail and wanting out, this does not mean the individual seeking the Surety Bail Bonds in Inverness should overly rush the process. Being able to make the right choices will help the individual protect themselves and their money. The following are some factors that should always be considered before anyone hires a bondsman to help them get a loved one or friend out of jail.

One of the first things an individual should consider is the reliability of the jailed individual. When someone signs a bond contract with a bondsman, they are held responsible should the individual fail to show up for court. A failure to show will result in a bench warrant and the guarantor will be held with the responsibility of paying the entire bail amount, including any fees associated with apprehending the defendant to come in and stand for court. If the individual is not fully reliable, it is wise for a person to avoid signing a contract.

Cost is also something that needs to be considered. When someone hires a bondsman, the bondsman is going to charge a certain fee. This fee is mandated by the state and can vary. The national average is around ten percent. The individual hiring the bondsman will need to pay ten percent of the bail amount in cash, by credit card, or by the submission of assets. This amount is not refunded, even if the individual shows up for all court dates and is found not guilty in the trial process.

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