A Product Liability Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI Can Work on Class Action Lawsuits

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Lawyers

Product liability cases include any cases where a person is seriously injured because of a product they’ve used. These cases are not typically brought if the injured person was using the product improperly, although there are cases where that has occurred. Instead, they’re typically cases where a product was used properly but issues with the design or manufacture of the product made it dangerous to use.

What are Some Product Liability Cases?

Product liability cases are often in the spotlight as many consumers need to know if a product they use every day could be dangerous and if it’s going to be recalled so they can return the product and purchase something else or have it repaired.

•    One of the most recent product liability cases which has gathered a lot of attention is the one against General Motors. According to the case, GM has a switch in some of their vehicles that is faulty and that could cause the engine to switch off while driving or the power steering to fail, which has caused at least 13 deaths.

•    The McDonald’s coffee case is one that most people have heard of. The woman who was injured was actually badly injured because the coffee was actually around 205 degrees when it should have only been at 155 degrees.

•    Remington Rifles was sued because two of their guns would fire when the safety was disengaged, instead of only when the trigger was pulled. The safety, additionally, could accidentally disengage on its own, which led to injuries.

How are Product Liability Cases Handled?

When a new product comes out, it should already have been thoroughly tested and should be safe for consumers. However, consumers can still be injured by the products they use every day. If someone is injured by a product they use, they could contact a Product Liability Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI for assistance. If there is already a lawsuit against the manufacturer, the lawyer can help their client file a claim to be a part of the lawsuit. If there is not a lawsuit yet, their lawyer can create a class action claim against the liable party, typically the manufacturer.

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