What Should Workers Know About Workers Compensation in Harford County?

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Legal Services

Workers Compensation in Harford County is an insurance plan that is meant to provide wage replacement and medical benefits for workers who are injured on the job. When a worker is injured, they need to follow specific steps to ensure they can receive the benefits they deserve. With this information, injured workers will better understand their rights and the steps they will need to take.

How to Get Started

When someone is injured on the job, they need to make sure they report the injury as soon as possible to their employer. Delays can be avoided if a person reports their injuries as soon as possible.

Once the employer has been informed of the injury, the employer is responsible for filing a claim with their insurance company. The insurance company will then require the injured worker to be examined by their doctor to determine a diagnosis and prognosis. These are important for determining how long the worker will be out of work and need benefits.

What Happens With Denials?

When an injured worker is denied their benefits for Workers Compensation in Harford County, the process of appealing is an option. Many injured workers find it beneficial to hire an attorney to help them with their appeal.

An appeal hearing is held before an administrative law judge with the judge being given the responsibility of deciding whether or not the worker is entitled to benefits. An attorney offers extensive help by providing medical evidence and medical professional testimony to ensure their client’s rights to receive worker’s compensation are honored.

With an attorney, the process of being approved for benefits it much easier to go through because the attorney will negotiate with the insurance company and require them to be fair. If an appeal becomes necessary, it is especially important the injured worker has legal help in the process.

If you are in need of help with filing for worker’s compensation benefits, it is wise for you to meet with an attorney right away. To discover more about how an attorney can help, visit us. Allow them to help you with all of your filing and appeal needs.

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