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After A Serious Collision With A Semi Occurs, A Truck Accident Attorney Is Ready To Help

A collision between a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle usually has more serious consequences than the typical collision between passenger vehicles. Although two cars colliding at high speed can cause severe injuries and even fatalities, heavy trucks hitting passenger vehicles have a significantly higher rate of these consequences. With highways in the Pittsburgh area and throughout Pennsylvania being congested with this large equipment, drivers of smaller vehicles are at risk of severe accidents. A Truck Accident Attorney can help when a catastrophic event occurs on the road by negotiating for substantial financial compensation that the injured persons deserve.

Truck accidents occur for a broad range of reasons. Truckers commonly travel when they are too fatigued to travel safely. They may drive over the speed limit and too fast for weather conditions if they are running late and under pressure to deliver or pick up a load as scheduled. Equipment malfunctions also cause accidents. Tire blowouts can occur and spew large pieces of rubber debris toward passenger vehicles traveling in back. Loads on flatbed trailers that weren’t properly secured can result in disaster if any of the objects being transported come loose and fall onto the road. The weight of the average passenger vehicle doesn’t even reach 4,000 lbs, while a semi truck and its load can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. The smaller vehicle is no match for that big one, especially when they are moving along at highway speeds.

When a Truck Accident Attorney begins work on this type of case, he or she addresses the complexities that are not typical of collisions between smaller vehicles. It must be determined whether the truck was being maintained and repaired as needed, and whether the driver had been disobeying federal regulations in regard to hours behind the wheel. The lawyer will want to learn whether company management uses strong-arm tactics such as threatening drivers with termination if they don’t drive more hours than legally allowed and fudge data in their logbooks. The work of accumulating evidence and negotiating with a large insurance company can be intense. A law firm such as Business Name is ready to help. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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