Divorce Lawyers in Stoughton Help Clients Avoid Critical Errors

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firm

Divorces rarely bring out a person’s better qualities. In many cases, financial misdeeds, infidelity and hurt feelings can lead to acrimony on both sides. Regardless of the reason for a divorce, clients of divorce lawyers Stoughton should remember to protect what’s really important. It’s important to avoid these mistakes during the divorce process.

Fighting Over Assets for Sentimental Reasons

During divorces, parties may fight over the marital home because of an emotional attachment. Whether it’s because of the children or because of fond memories, clients often want to hang onto any shred of happiness during a difficult divorce. Keeping the marital residence may be disadvantageous for several reasons, many of them financial.

Not Filling and Submitting QDRO Papers

QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) paperwork is a little-discussed but very important part of a divorce. A QDRO details how retirement assets such as 401(k)s and pensions are divided. During the division of these assets, the administrator of the plan cannot pay the other spouse their share without a QDRO. Whether court-issued or agreed upon, QDRO preparation should occur as soon as possible.

Slandering the Other Spouse

Divorces often occur because of mistakes on a spouse’s part. In cases involving infidelity or where one spouse does not want the divorce, vindictive tactics may be used. Refraining from such conduct can be very beneficial to the case’s outcome. Conversely, one shouldn’t be vengeful when the other spouse is being petty because prolonging the divorce only wastes the assets that are under contest.

Using Children as Pawns

Much like the topic above, trying to encourage a loving relationship with the other parent is important to a child’s well-being. Divorces take a significant toll on the children and making them choose sides can be detrimental. Although spouses may divorce, children deserve a relationship with both sides of the family. If the children are having a hard time with the divorce, counseling with either or both parents may be in order.

Not Having Legal Help

Choosing the right divorce lawyers in Stoughton is a critical part of a successful divorce. If a spouse is under- or unemployed, a vocational counselor can assess his or her earning potential and possibly reduce the other person’s spousal support obligations. The attorney and the team can work together to achieve a fair outcome.

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