An Accident Attorney in Annapolis Represents Clients Injured in Bus Collisions

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Lawyers

An Accident Attorney in Annapolis may be hired by someone who has been injured in a bus accident. A broad range of incidents can lead to a collision involving a bus. Passengers on board may be injured, or the injury may occur to a pedestrian, bicyclist or someone in another vehicle. There have been incidents in which someone was getting on or off of a public transport bus when the bus moved or was struck by another vehicle, causing the person to fall from the steps. If the driver of a passenger car, delivery truck or other vehicle struck the bus, then that person is liable for injuries that result.

Collisions also have occurred while a bus is moving along a highway. The driver may make an unsafe lane change, for example, or make a left turn in front of a motorcyclist the driver didn’t see. The bus driver may be running late and decide to speed through a red light, causing a collision. Bad weather conditions can lead to accidents. Snowy or icy roads are hazardous, and foggy conditions can make visibility difficult. Again, sometimes the bus driver is not at fault, and the driver of another vehicle is.

An attorney with a firm such as Jaklitsch Law Group may need to conduct an investigation of the incident. An expert witness may be called in to evaluate what the client says, how law enforcement responded, and what witnesses at the scene have stated. It might turn out that the bus driver was inexperienced and inadequately trained. This individual might have been fatigued or hung over from alcohol intake. A new driver working for over-the-road bus company can become confused and rattled if the route goes through a very large city, and anxiety can lead to serious errors.

An Accident Attorney in Annapolis will approach the insurance company with a demand for a reasonable settlement amount. The compensation should cover hospitalization and all other medical expenses, as well as lost wages. Permanent disability or chronic pain also should be compensated with a specific dollar amount to cover a reduction in quality of life, and expected future medication, therapy or other medical needs.

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