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Were You Injured in a Fall and Need Help? Call an Experienced Slip and Fall Law Firm

Falls are nothing to laugh about. The painful result of slipping and falling is too often a very serious injury. Even worse, the only type of accident that results in more deaths is motor vehicle accidents. Every slip and fall law firm witnesses first-hand the devastation that can be caused by something as preventable as a neglected wet spot on a floor.

Accidental Falls Can Happen to Anyone

* In the U.S., 15% of all accidental deaths are caused by a slip and fall.

* More than one million Americans are injured every year in a slip and fall accident.

* The most common cause of a life-changing traumatic brain injury is a fall.

* In the workplace, a slip and fall is the most common cause of an accidental injury and the most common cause of missed work.

* Falls are responsible for one-half of all accidental deaths at home.

* Most falls aren’t from a height, such as a ladder, but happen when the victim slips or trips.

Falls and the Elderly

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to being injured if they fall. As people age, their bones break more easily and take longer to heal. The infirmities that affect many older people have a negative impact on their balance. Any public building that has elderly visitors, such as a store, needs to have safeguards in place that will do all possible to protect everyone entering the building.

* One out of three people over 65 will fall at least once every year.

* The older people get, the more falls they are likely to experience.

* After being hospitalized for a fracture caused by a fall, one-half of all older adults will never be able to return home but will, instead, become permanent residents of nursing homes.

The Economic Impact of Slip and Fall Accidents

Not every fall is preventable, but many are. In addition to the common desire to prevent injuries, safety also has a financial incentive. On average, each fall in the workplace costs the employer about $40,000. Falls have an overall economic cost to the U.S. of more than $14 billion annually.

At Martinez & Associates, the attorneys are committed to fighting to protect your rights and helping you get the compensation you deserve. This slip and fall law firm has been peer-rated as “Super Lawyers” and have the experience to back it up.

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