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An Attorney in Brainerd, MN Will Help You with Various Legal Situations

Whether you are involved in a personal injury or a divorce, an attorney in Brainerd, MN can help you through the situation. Obtaining sound legal advice for a family law case or estate issue will help make the process go smoothly. An attorney is not emotionally tied to the case and will help the individual make sound decisions about their legal situation.

An individual should hire an attorney when they want to protect their rights and receive the best possible outcome to their case. An attorney can also help with mediation, including on-the-job injuries, wage loss disputes, permanent disability claims, medical expense reimbursements, and Social Security Disability (SSD) claims.

Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability is also known as SSD. It’s a benefit a disabled individual can receive when they are permanently disabled and have earned enough time in the Social Security system. Obtaining benefits can be very difficult because one mistake on an application will cause it to be denied. Once it is denied, an individual will have a limited amount of time to file for reconsideration.

The process of receiving disability benefits can take several years when the claim is not presented properly to the agency. There are strict criteria for each diagnosis that must be met, and an attorney in Brainerd, MN will make sure a client meets the criteria. If the case has to be presented in front of a judge, the attorney will explain the process to the individual and help them through the process.

Personal Injury

A personal injury claim occurs when an individual is seriously injured due to the careless act of another person. Serious injuries can occur because of an automobile, truck, motorcycle, or boating accident. A slip and fall, product malfunction or premises liability cases can be filed as a personal injury lawsuit.

Injuries such as brain damage, broken bones and other permanent injuries will receive higher compensation than a whiplash or soft tissue injury. No matter what type of injury an individual receives, they should still seek the legal guidance of an experienced attorney. If you are looking for an experienced attorney who can represent you in your legal case, please feel free to read more about us.

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