Organizations Like Wegmann Law Firm Help Employees Negotiate Reasonable Workers Comp Settlements

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Lawyers

In some cases, a workers compensation claim is not a straightforward matter of covering medical expenses and lost wages until the employee can return to work. The person may have been too seriously injured to return to the job. He or she might have to stop working full-time and collect disability payments, or may need to seek a different type of employment. Attorneys with an organization such as Wegmann Law Firm can help work out a settlement with the worker’s comp insurer that may need to be approved by a judge.

Advantages of Workers Comp

The worker’s compensation system is set up to benefit both employers and employees. It prohibits employees from suing their employers and allows them a quick way to start receiving weekly payments. It also is a faster process for acquiring a lump sum settlement than would be the case when filing a personal injury lawsuit.

When a Lawyer Is Needed

People who receive workers comp payments for medical bills and lost income don’t need the assistance of a lawyer. That situation changes when the employer or the insurer disputes whether the worker was injured on the job or is only pretended the incident occurred there. When the employee cannot stay with the company because of a disabling injury, legal representation from an organization like Wegmann Law Firm is important to make sure he or she receives the best settlement possible.

For instance, the insurer may be willing to pay a certain amount of estimated future income for a disabled worker. However, that corporation may not want to address the distinct possibility that the worker would have made much higher earnings over the next decade or two. The person may have been on track to become a supervisor or obtain another higher-level position.

An Uncertain Future

A person in this situation may feel scared about the future. A sudden drop in income has negatively affected the family’s finances, and not knowing what will happen within the next year or two makes everything seem uncertain. A reasonable settlement that addresses the loss of future earning ability is essential for this person’s well-being. Contact Wegmann Law Firm for a free initial consultation.

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