Are You Contemplating the Possibility of Filing Bankruptcy in Longview, TX? Here’s Some Advice

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Thought Legal

For the most part, when we ruminate the issue of indebtedness and the prospects of filing bankruptcy, we think of reckless spending sprees, cavalier money management habits, and a wide-ranging naiveté about the upshots of a prudent savings plan.

However, you have to understand that the lion’s share of Americans who are filing bankruptcy nowadays aren’t pleasure-seekers, shopping addicts or self-indulgent fanatics – they have simply suffered a series of bad breaks regarding medical bills, emergency expenditures, and other problems that are rather uncontrollable.

Analyzing Key Bankruptcy Statistics

A recent research editorial issued by The Motley Fool pointed out some unanticipated and somewhat bewildering figures about the bankruptcy matrix in the US:

  • Each year, roughly two in every five Americans accumulate a large pool of debt because of sudden healthcare charges.
  • Nearly 70% of people living in the US have under $1,000 in their private bank accounts, and a shocking 34% don’t have a single dollar stashed away in reserve.
  • Well over a third of families in the United States dole out more money than they earn each month, which rationalizes why our country has racked up an eye-popping $1 trillion in aggregate credit card debt.

However, due to the comprehensive solutions provided by local professional bankruptcy advocates, the annualized rate of people filing bankruptcy in Longview, TX has diminished significantly since 2006.

Don’t Panic If Your Finances Are a Mess – Just Contact an Expert

Whether you’re dealing with a stressful foreclosure, or you feel as though filing bankruptcy is the only way out of your monetary hole, you don’t have to face the music by yourself.

Attaining instantaneous debt relief and reprieve from pestering collection calls is a piece of cake with the right assistance by your side, so seize the bull by the horns and schedule an appointment with an attorney who has been elected to the Texas Bar Foundation.

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