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How a Construction Accident Attorney in Everett MA Helps Injured Contract Workers

A Construction Accident Attorney in Everett MA may become necessary if the injured worker is not a direct employee of the company. Constructions workers commonly are on contract with a company but are not actual employees. The law does not require businesses to pay benefits to these workers under the workers compensation system. That can leave injured people without any source of income and struggling to pay outstanding amounts on medical bills such as insurance deductibles and co-pays.

Settlements and Lawsuits

The worker may need to file a lawsuit if the company’s liability insurer is uncooperative. Sometimes a settlement offer will be made after contact by a Construction Accident Attorney in Everett MA. The lawyer negotiates with the insurer to make sure the settlement provided is reasonable and will cover all costs related to the incident.

Third-Party Suits

In some cases, a lawsuit can be filed against a third party. For example, this is an appropriate strategy if the accident was caused by defective equipment or equipment malfunction. The construction company may be leasing this machinery, with nobody knowing that an intrinsic problem could cause an accident. In other situations, the owner of this equipment has not kept up with required maintenance, which increases the risk of someone being injured at the job site.

A Hazardous Occupational Field

Construction is one of the more hazardous job fields, with many serious injuries and some fatalities occurring in these occupations every year. The time after a serious accident can be chaotic and extremely stressful. The person needs to focus on recovery, but bill collectors are on the phone, and there may be a risk of losing the vehicle or even the home.

Free Consultations

Free consultations are typically provided by organizations such as the Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass. There’s no reason to hesitate to inquire about a complementary appointment, during which the injured person can ask questions and explain what happened. Often, an accident attorney is willing to travel to the person’s home, hospital room or respite care center. If professional legal representation is needed, it’s best to start the process as soon as possible. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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