Auto Accident Attorneys in Luzerne County PA Can Help Those Injured in Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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If an auto accident happens while a person is driving a work vehicle or performing work duties, the employer may be held liable. This situation often arises when a commercial vehicle driver causes a collision and an employer is sued. The employer’s liability depends on whether there’s a legal reason to assign responsibility to the company rather than the individual.

When Does an Employer’s Liability Become a Factor?

There are two ways an employer may be held liable for an employee’s accident: negligence and vicarious liability.

  *    In negligent supervision, an employer can be held liable for a worker’s accident. Employers should have safety policies and ensure drivers’ compliance. For instance, if a company has truck drivers, it should ensure that all drivers follow logging rules and that cargo is properly loaded. If an employer doesn’t do the right checks and an accident results, the company can be held liable for its negligence.

  *    Vicarious liability is a legal doctrine that asserts that an agent’s actions are equivalent to those of the principal. When an employer tells a worker to do something, it’s just as if the employer took action. For example, if a worker goes to an office supply store and is in an accident on the way back, the employer could be held responsible.

Exceptions to Employers’ Liability in Auto Accident Cases

There are often exceptions that stipulate an employer cannot be held liable for a worker’s intentional acts. Therefore, if the worker decides to maliciously run someone off the road, the employer is not liable for the victim’s damages. Here, the worker would be held personally responsible.

Finding Legal Help

If a person is in an auto accident where an employer’s liability may become a factor, they should consult Auto Accident Attorneys in Luzerne County PA as soon as possible. An injury attorney with domain URLcan explain to a client which liability rules apply in his/her case, and they can tell the client how to best protect their legal rights based on the circumstances of the accident. For more information or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, call the office or visit the website today.

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