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Why an Auto Injury Lawyer in Live Oak Does Not Generally Bring Cases to Trial

Some individuals who have been seriously injured in car accidents would like to take their cases to trial and see if they can obtain enormous monetary awards. Most people, however, would just want to avoid the long, drawn-out process and stress. They’d prefer to accept an appropriate settlement, but the insurer may not be offering reasonable compensation. An auto injury lawyer in Live Oak helps clients negotiate fair settlements so they can move on with their lives. See the website to learn more about one personal injury attorney.

Only a very small percentage of accident cases ever go to trial. In fact, just about 10% of these cases even reach the stage of a lawsuit filing, and most are settled before trial begins. An auto injury lawyer in Live Oak understands the advantages of this for both clients and insurance companies. Juries are unpredictable, so it’s impossible to know what they will decide. Trials are expensive and can take a long time to prepare for and to be scheduled on the court’s docket. The injured person risks leaving with nothing or much less than originally hoped for. In the meantime, many months, or even years, have passed with no insurance payment. Injured people, especially if they have needed time away from work, often experience financial hardships and cannot wait so long for compensation.

In addition, insurers are only liable for the maximum amount the policy provides. If the maximum is $40,000, that is the most the plaintiff can acquire from the company. The insurer may be offering $20,000 even though the injured person believes they deserve the maximum. Some may even think that $100,000 is fairer. Although a jury can award $100,000 to the plaintiff, the insurer does not have to pay that amount. The defendant, who is the policyholder, would be liable for the balance. Often, defendants don’t have that type of money to provide. Unless the defendant has substantial assets, collecting $60,000 from this person is unlikely. The trial’s results may be symbolic and emotionally gratifying for the plaintiff, but lawyers typically would rather focus on the practical matters involved.

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