Building a Solid Case for Premises Liability with an Injury Lawyer in Live Oak FL

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Lawyers

Owners of commercial establishments and another land open to the public as guests are expected to keep the premises reasonably safe for the visitors. Regretfully, it has been seen that many facilities are ridden with perils that can harm someone. Personal injury by hazardous conditions on the premises of an organization holds the owner legally liable. Premises liability cases are found on the grounds that the owner failed to warn guests of dangers, or knowing about damaged property, but failing to get necessary repair work done. Damaged property that visitors can come in contact with should be sealed off until the problem area is fixed. Ignoring the hazards all together exposes people to danger that is often undetectable. Many are shocked with an injury they didn’t even see coming. An Injury Lawyer in Live Oak FL upholds the right to compensation for injuries.

The common law states that a person injured on the premises is to be classified as an invitee, licensee, or trespasser. Trespassers cannot pursue a personal injury case owing to the fact they were injured in the act of breaking a law. One example of a premises liability injury is amusement park ride malfunctions. It’s been reported in the news before about guests at amusement parks being injured, or even killed on a ride. Most of these amusement park accidents occur because of neglectful maintenance of the machinery and equipment that powers a ride. Injured guests are entitled to compensation that entirely covers the damages.

Most premises liability claims fall under invitee or licensee status. An invitee is welcome to visit the property. A licensee comes on the property for a specific purpose, like a vendor delivering goods to a retail establishment. There are several facets an Injury Lawyer in Live Oak FL must cover when building a premises liability case. It must be known what the purpose for visiting the property is. They need to determine if the perils on the property were foreseeable. It has to be found that the owner failed to warn or correct the hazardous conditions in ample time. Most of these cases require some type of investigation to conclude that one or more of these factors led to an injury. To grasp expansive knowledge of personal injury law, visit

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