4 Tips for Getting Bail Bonds in Midwest City Oklahoma

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Bail Bonds

When a person goes to jail, they typically start thinking of how to get out as quickly as possible. For those going to jail for the first time, there are tips to follow that will expedite the process. While all jails are a bit different and there’s no guarantee on how long it may take to get out, these tips can help most people get out faster.

Call a Bondsman Immediately

Whether it’s the defendant’s first time in jail or they’ve been there several times, the best thing to do upon going to jail is to call for bail bonds in Midwest City Oklahoma. The call starts the bail process right away, and it can get the defendant out of jail faster. Bail bondsmen are experienced with the local criminal justice system and they may know some tricks that will speed up the release process.

Gather Important Information

Most people facing criminal charges will get the chance to post bail while they await a court date. To find out the bail amount and get it paid as quickly as possible, the client needs to know the charges they’re facing, as well as details about the facility where they’re being held. These can seem like minor details, but knowing them can make a significant difference.

Get the Bail Schedule

Most jails have a bail schedule for the most common offenses, like DUI. When a person is arrested and they are charged with a common crime, they can quickly find out how much they owe for bail by asking for the schedule. This can help the client determine whether they can pay the bail or if they’ll need to call a bail bondsman.

Tell Friends and Family to Wait

A client’s friends and family may be tempted to head straight to the jail or police station when they find out about the arrest, but that will slow down the process and lead to an uncomfortable, long wait. Clients should ask them to wait at home and call a bail bondsman who can handle the arrangements. Bondsmen with Ken Boyer Bail Bonds know how to get clients out of jail as fast as possible, and they can handle the details of Bail Bonds in Midwest City Oklahoma before the family heads to the jail to pick the client up.

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