Cases Managed By A Family Law Lawyer In Cincinnati, OH

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In Ohio, family law encompasses a variety of concepts that relate to families. This includes divorces, guardianships, and child custody arrangements. Attorneys who practice in this area of law follow careful strategies to assist the families. The following is a review of cases managed by a Family Law Lawyer in Cincinnati OH.

Divorces in Ohio

Petitioners must identify a reason for the divorce. Typically, the standard is an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. However, petitioners select fault-based according to the events that led to their divorce. This could include adultery, incarceration, mental incapacity, and desertion. The petitioner must present clear evidence of the allegations presented. The only exception is if their spouse signs a sworn statement supporting the allegations.

Guardianships for Minors and Disabled Adults

Guardianships are provided when an individual cannot take care of themselves due to age or incapacity. They are also provided when a minor child or disabled individual is at risk. To acquire a guardianship, the family member or petitioner must file a motion through the court. They must present evidence of this risk to the court. The court assigns a caseworker to investigate the allegations.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody and support is managed through family law as well. Couples who face difficulties in reaching an agreement attend a custody hearing. The custody hearing enables a judge to review each side and identify what arrangement is most suitable for the child. It also presents the opportunity for children who are at least 12 to present their wishes to the court as well.

Legal Separations in Ohio

A legal separation provides couples with the same benefits as divorce without ending the marriage entirely. The couple can live separate lives and determine if they are ready to end the marriage. The separation agreement can be used for the divorce as well.

In Ohio, family law presents several legal avenues to manage divorces, guardianships, and acquire child custody. The laws present them with the opportunity to present evidence to the court to support their claims. Petitioners who need to discuss these matters with a Family Law Lawyer in Cincinnati OH visit website today.

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