What Can Individuals Expect When They Hire a Paternity Lawyer in Hillsboro, MO?

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Lawyers

When the paternity of a child has not been established, a person may make the decision to hire a Paternity Lawyer in Hillsboro MO. The man who believes he is the father may seek legal help to order testing to establish his paternity. The mother may also seek the help of a lawyer if the man she believes to be the father refuses to submit to testing.

Common Methods of Establishing Paternity

   *    Blood DNA testing may be carried out to establish paternity.

   *    Paternity can be established if both parents sign a recognition of parentage on a state-approved form. This form must be signed by both parents in front of a witness.

   *    A man may hold a child out as their own and legally establish paternity. This means he provides care and financial support for the child for at least a certain period of time.

   *    Paternity can also be legally established if both parents agree to list the man as the father on the child’s birth certificate.

Legal Intervention Can Help Establish Paternity

When a person needs to legally establish paternity, they may need to seek a Paternity Lawyer in Hillsboro MO. This may be done for child support or visitation reasons to either prove or disprove paternity.

A lawyer can help a person establish paternity by first carrying out research to locate the individual that needs to be pursued. They can also file the necessary petitions in court so they can be decided on by a judge. Even if a man does not want to consent to paternity testing or the mother of the child refuses, a judge’s order will ensure proper testing is carried out.

If an unmarried couple has a child together, it is imperative they establish paternity as soon as possible. This allows the father to be a part of the child’s life and ensures the child will be provided with financial support.

If you are in need of help establishing paternity, Contact Wegmann Law Firm. They will be happy to schedule an appointment so you can learn more about your rights and what will need to be accomplished in your case.

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