Criminal Defense Lawyers in Vail

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firm

Despite what people have seen on TV shows like Perry Mason or Law & Order over the years, most interactions with the criminal justice system rarely rise to those levels of drama. Court calendars are stuffed with thousands of cases which have to be disposed of as quickly as possible, and most of those are minor felonies or misdemeanors which can be dealt with through plea bargaining or an administrative judgment. But in either those minor cases or when a criminal matter rises to a far more serious level, people should never approach the criminal justice system without the aid of skilled criminal lawyers in Vail.

Now, most persons’ involvement with the system falls within the realm of rather common matters such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or in an otherwise impaired condition. These cases can usually be handled through a plea deal which results in either a deferred prosecution or a judgment from the bench which will result in no prosecution or conviction. The skill of a good criminal lawyer ensures such a result. They also aid with lingering legal issues such as license suspension and revocation, reinstatement of driving privileges, and the sealing of records.

However, more serious criminal justice matters involving domestic violence charges or drug offenses are not so easily disposed of. Legal advocacy can help a defendant avoid prosecution and conviction on such charges, with conditions laid down as part of the plea deal for the defendant to follow. Charges of sexual assault or misconduct involve a real threat to a client’s employment and domestic life when such charges arise out of false accusations or overzealous prosecution attempts. Here, the defense attorney employs his or her skill towards demonstrating how an accusation of assault or misconduct over what was consensual activity is without foundation. Finally, there are the truly serious felony cases involving prison time if a conviction occurs. Criminal Lawyers in Vail will either find the best way to plea down the charge to a lower degree felony or misdemeanor with reduced sentence or will conduct the most zealous defense to win a not-guilty verdict. The lawyer will also take steps to have court records sealed where possible impediments to future employment or foreign travel may arise.

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