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Defining the Steps with an Auto Accident Attorney in Bronx, NY

In New York, all vehicle owners must have liability auto insurance. The coverage should include $25,000 for a single injury in an accident. If the victim dies, the policy should provide $50,000. Any failure to comply equates to criminal penalties for the owner. If they cause an accident, they could be liable in an accident as well. An auto accident attorney Bronx, NY helps victims with this legal action.

Collecting the Medical Records

The victim’s medical records are a vital part of the claim and they show the exact cause of the injuries. They also define the severity level in which the injuries are classified. This classification determines the total possible award provided to the victim. The victim’s doctor may be called to testify and provide support for this medical evidence.

Assessing the Auto Accident Report

Auto accident reports are generated by the on-scene law enforcement officers. The report identifies all victims involved in the accident. It designates what driver caused the accident. It is used in the auto accident claim to support the allegations against the at-fault driver. The victim acquires the report from the reporting law enforcement agency.

Identifying Any Criminal Acts Connected to the Accident

The primary criminal acts involved in auto accidents are DUI, speeding, and reckless driving. The citation for moving violations presents evidence for the claim. A criminal charge is issued for DUI. Once convicted, the results are used in the civil case against the driver.

How Does the Court Identify a Monetary Award?

The court begins with the victim’s medical costs. If they recovered, the court uses the total value owed to their doctor. A permanent or long-term condition requires further medical treatment. Their doctor presents a projection for these costs. Any lost wages and auto repair expenses are added to this value.

In New York, a liability exists when a driver doesn’t comply with insurance laws. Any resulting accident injuries become their responsibility. A lawsuit helps the injured victims recover their total expenses. Without insurance, the expenses present the at-fault driver with out-of-pocket costs. Victims who need to hire an auto accident attorney Bronx, NY should contact Lawyer Ada R. Pretto.

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