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When A Driver Should Contact DWI Attorneys

Being stopped by police is stressful but there a few things a driver can do to increase the chances of making it a positive experience or at least minimizing the negative aspects of the interaction. One of the most common reasons for a driver to be stopped is suspicion of DWI. The officer may have witnessed something that made them think the driver could be under the influence. This could be weaving, crossing the double yellow line or failing to stop at a stop sign.

The first thing for a driver to do when they see the lights of a police car behind them is to put on their right turn signal and pull over. This is the first sign of cooperation and the police are likely to be much kinder if they don’t have to chase the driver to force them to stop. After pulling over, the next step is to turn off the car. If the car uses a key, take it out of the ignition. Drivers should then retrieve their license and proof of insurance. The only other thing a driver should do before the officer gets to their car is put their hands on the steering wheel. This is not the time to contact DWI Attorneys.

It’s important to have a good attitude with the officer. They are only doing their job and the interaction is probably being recorded by either their dash camera or their body camera. Drivers with an aggressive or confrontational attitude at traffic stops are more likely to be arrested. By staying calm and complying with the officer’s requests, drivers who may have had one or more drinks before getting into their vehicle have a better chance of going home with a summons to court.

Texas has implied consent laws, which means drivers who are stopped for suspicion of DWI are required to have their blood alcohol level tested. Refusal is a bad idea in most cases. The best time to contact DWI Attorneys is after the officers have completed their investigation. Whether they decide to take the driver to jail or release them to go to court later, visiting Sitename and getting in touch with an attorney right away might give the driver the opportunity to avoid a conviction. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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