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Evaluating Personal Injury Law Firms

All law firms are not the same, even if they specialize in personal injury cases. If you require the services provided by personal injury law firms, it is important to research the different options in your area and make an informed decision.

Some law firms spend a lot of money on advertising. You will see their ads on billboards, online, as well as in the Yellow Pages or other types of directories. Other firms spend less on advertising and rely on word of mouth. Both can be good law firms to work with, but there may be advantages to selecting a smaller firm for your legal representation.

Size of the Firm

There are advantages to working with a smaller law firm. Typically, these firms offer more personalized service with clients and attorneys have direct communication throughout the case. With large firms, this is less common, and support staff tends to be more likely to engage with the clients on a regular basis.


Typically, with personal injury law firms Naples FL, personal injury cases are the center of the practice, with perhaps one other practice area. It is important to consider the quality of experience and expertise offered, particularly if you are working with a law firm that offers a range of different practice areas.

The more than any attorney or law firm specializes, the more likely it is that they’re aware of current decisions and settlements in that particular area of law. They also have the experience and expertise in working with different insurance companies to try to settle your case before having to go through the litigation process.

It is important to ask personal injury law firms for a general overview of the types of cases they handle and how cases typically settle. This provides you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Contact Law Office of Tammy Strohl P.A. to get more information!

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