FAQs That a Car Accident Lawyer in Keller, TX Can Answer

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Lawyers

In Texas, auto accidents could present a higher probability of personal injuries. Even if another driver didn’t cause the accident, victims may have a valid claim based on a failure by the county to maintain roadways. A car accident lawyer in Keller, TX can answer frequently asked questions about these accidents.

Does the Claim Require Photos of the Victim’s Automobile?

Yes, they should acquire photos of all damage, and they should acquire an estimate from at least three different body shops. The court will determine the exact cost of the auto repair costs according to the median estimate provided to the victim by their preferred body shop.

Does the Victim Have to Admit That They Caused the Accident?

No, the victim should never disclose this information even if they don’t file a legal claim. If the defendant believes the victim played a role in causing the accident, they must present evidence of these allegations. The judge will require evidence to support any claims, and each party must provide evidence to substantiate their claims.

How Does the Victim Know If They Have a Valid Claim?

If their injuries aren’t covered by their own insurance or if they don’t receive coverage from the at-fault driver, it is probable to believe that they have a claim. If they cannot return to work due to their injuries, the victim has a valid claim when the responsible driver doesn’t make any attempts to compensate them.

Can the Defendant’s Insurance Carrier Access the Victim’s Medical Files?

No, the insurance carrier cannot access these files without the victim’s explicit permission. The victim should never allow access to these files as the defendant can use them against the victim. These records should be provided in the legal claim only to support the victim’s claim.

In Texas, auto accidents could present life-changing injuries for which an at-fault driver is accountable. These accidents could be caused by traffic violations, hazardous road conditions, or the weather. When another party set the conditions that caused the accident, the victim has the right to file a legal claim. Victims who need to file a claim should contact a car accident lawyer in Keller, TX by calling the Law Firm of David S. Kohm right now.

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