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For Those Who Need a Wrongful Death Accident Attorney in Greenbelt, Maryland

Accidents are tragic for all involved but become especially serious when one or more of the parties involved are killed through no fault of their own. Known as wrongful death, the survivors of the decedent can seek to be compensated for the loss of their loved ones through a personal injury lawsuit. An Accident Attorney in Greenbelt, Maryland advises and represents those clients whose loved one has suffered a wrongful death in an accident. Here are some things the clients should know about wrongful death lawsuits in Maryland.

Things to Keep in Mind about Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Maryland

After a wrongful death has occurred, the survivors may want to look into pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit and must be aware of the statute of limitations in Maryland. Maryland allows three years from the date of the wrongful death for a lawsuit to be filed in a Maryland civil court. If the party causing the wrongful death was a state agency, the filing party has to file a formal claim with the agency within a year, then file the personal injury lawsuit. If the lawsuit or formal claim is not filed in those times, the case may likely never be heard.

More Things to Keep in Mind about Wrongful Death Lawsuits

It is also possible that the other party can file a claim that the deceased party was partly at fault for the accident that occurred. If this is found to be true, the party who filed on behalf of the deceased will be able to collect nothing for the lawsuit. It is important to keep these things in mind and to hire an attorney who has experience in litigating such cases.

Calling an Attorney in Greenbelt, Maryland

Whoever is filing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the deceased needs to ensure that every possible step is taken to ensure a successful outcome. Jaklitsch Law Group is an example of a law firm that handles wrongful death claims for clients in Greenbelt, Maryland. If a person wants to speak with an Accident Attorney in Greenbelt, Maryland, the law firm is available and can be reached at the website.

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