Frequently Asked Questions Directed Toward a Criminal Lawyer In Rochester, MN

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Lawyers

In Minnesota, serious driving offenses such as DUI could lead to the stripping of the driver’s license. Under more severe circumstances in which an accident occurs, the driver could face far more extensive penalties. The following are frequently asked questions directed toward a Criminal Lawyer in Rochester MN.

What is the Legal Definition of DUI?

The legal definition of DUI is a blood-alcohol content reading of 0.08 for all drivers over twenty-one. However, the value is lowered to 0.04 percent for commercial truck drivers. All drivers under twenty-one are guilty if the reading is 0.02 percent or more.

What are the Required Penalties for a First-Time Offense?

The penalties for this offense are defined by the blood-alcohol content reading. All blood-alcohol content readings under 0.16 percent incur a license suspension of approximately ninety days. They fine is of $1,000. If the blood-alcohol content reading is above 0.16 percent, they incur a license suspension of one year.

Is It Lawful to Refuse to Submit to Testing?

The state can fine the driver and impose penalties for this refusal. They incur a jail sentence of one year and a fine of $3,000. However, they have the right to invoke their Miranda Rights and require that the driver speaks to an attorney first. By requiring legal counsel, the officers cannot force them to submit to testing. They must wait until the attorney is present.

Is the Driver’s License Returned After the Suspension?

No, the driver must pay all required administrative fees based on the suspension of their license. This includes any administrative fines applied according to their blood-alcohol content reading or the total number of convictions. They must pay to reinstate their license. They may also be required to take the road or written test again.

In Minnesota, the law imposes strict penalties for driving under the influence. This infraction is identified by a choice to drive after reading a blood-alcohol content reading of at least 0.08 percent. It incurs additional penalties if this percentage exceeds 0.16. Drivers who are accused of a DUI hire a Criminal Lawyer in Rochester MN or Browse the Site for more information today.

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