Making An Appeal If Your Disability Claim Is Denied

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Attorneys

It is estimated that seventy-five percent of all applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. Being denied benefits is only the first step on what can be a long, frustrating road to eventual approval. Those that are denied benefits are given the automatic right of appeal, with the rules, laws and regulations that surround Social Security being so complex and convoluted the majority of those that are denied turn around and hire a Social Security lawyer in Chicago to help with their appeal.

The appeals process has to start within 60 days from the date the letter indicating a denial of benefits is received, by this time your lawyer will be reasonably up to speed on your initial application. Although the first step is to request a review of the initial application, many lawyers, based on experience, know this rarely results in approval; the result is they immediately seek a hearing in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge.

The Administration spell out the reasons for denial:

When the Administration decides to deny the applicant benefits they always give the reasons why the application was rejected. At the same time the applicant is made aware of his or her right of appeal and information on how to go about it.

When lodging the appeal, the Social Security lawyer in Chicago that you have hired to work on your behalf will provide any additional detail that is considered important as well as up-do-date opinions from the disabled client’s doctors and therapists.

When the date of the hearing arrives, the applicant, his or her lawyer and perhaps expert witnesses will present the case. The judge has the right to question the applicant; the Administration also may elect to bring in experts.

Although there is no legal requirement that the disabled applicant retain a Social Security lawyer in Chicago, it has been shown that the chances of success are far higher when a seasoned lawyer is involved.

A Social Security lawyer in Chicago can make the difference between getting your disability benefits and not. To discuss your case in detail you are invited to contact and also follow us on Facebook.

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