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How An Attorney Can Help If You Buy A Lemon Car In Texas

Texas is no different from any other state when it comes to consumer protection laws, often called “lemon laws.” These laws have been designed and implemented to ensure that consumers are given protection in the event the new vehicle they purchase chronically malfunctions. There is no way any law will turn a lemon car into one that is not, but the law will certainly provide you with effective recourse.

The lemon law in Texas is similar to the laws in other states, namely, if you buy a new car and it continues to malfunction and the malfunction is something covered by warranty and it cannot be fixed; you have the right to a full refund or a new car directly from the manufacturer. This sounds rather simple and straightforward, the truth is it can be tricky to qualify and you may have to hire the expertise of a Texas lemon law attorney that understands the complexities.

One thing that is important for everyone that buys a new car; keep immaculate records of all problems you have, if your car is a lemon it won’t show up right away and you will need to support your claim with documentation.

What is a lemon in Texas?

There are three tests that can prove your new car is a lemon:

   *   The number of attempts made to repair the defect

   *   How long has the car been out of service, and

   *   Is the defect serious enough to be a safety hazard?

If the results of these tests show that the vehicle is truly a lemon the manufacturer should replace it with an equal vehicle or refund the price you paid. If there are any problems, and at times the manufacturer will refuse to comply with the law, you will need to hire a Texas lemon law attorney.

If you have bought a new car in Texas and it turns out to be a lemon you may need to hire a seasoned Texas lemon law attorney. You can find the right attorney when you visit

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