How Divorce Attorneys In Mequon, WI Help When Domestic Violence Is Present

by | Dec 23, 2015 | Divorce Attorneys

Wisconsin laws protect petitioners that are endangered due to an abusive spouse. Under domestic violence laws, petitioners who were abused can acquire protection to prevent further injury to them or their children. Divorce attorneys Mequon WI help these petitioners by filing motions to enforce these laws.

Acquiring an Order of Protection

To acquire an order of protection, the petitioner’s attorney files a motion through the court. The judge must sign the order to enact it. Once the order is official, the defendant faces criminal prosecution by violating any terms outlined in it.

The order allows the petitioner to remain safe by enforcing provisions. These provisions could include no contact orders that prevent any form of communication with the petitioner. The defendant cannot visit areas in which they know the petitioner lives, works, or visits frequently. The petitioner has the right to contact law enforcement at any time that these terms are violated.

Filing for a Divorce

Once the divorce petition is filed, the court could relocate the petitioner to a safe house or shelter. They can remain in this location until the divorce is final. This reduces the chances of additional attacks. The court can make exceptions when possible to accommodate the victim’s rights.

When the Divorce is Contested

If the divorce is contested, the court may arrange for mediation. This process allows the parties to discuss the terms of the divorce. It doesn’t present an opportunity for the defendant to harass or abuse the petitioner. Any sign of these infractions could lead to the court taking action.

Is an Extension of the Protection Order Necessary?

An extension of the protection order is necessary in some cases. If the court feels that the petitioner or their children are endangered, they will extend the order to prevent injury. If the defendant presents a risk to the children, the court may rule in favor of the petitioner.

Wisconsin petitioners have access to protection when domestic violence is present. The laws eliminate repeat offenses and secure the petitioner in an undisclosed location when necessary. Petitioners who are facing these detrimental challenges should hire Divorce attorneys in Mequon WI by visiting Domain today.

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