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Why You Need the Support of a Divorce Lawyer in Miami County, OH

If you live in Ohio, you can obtain a no-fault dissolution of marriage. This type of marital termination involves a legal action where both parties agree upon the terms regarding spousal support, child support, and the division of assets and debts. The parties also agree on child custody, parental rights and visitation, when applicable.

Do You Have Grounds for a Divorce or Do You Wish to Simply End the Marriage?

If you confer with a divorce lawyer in Miami County, OH, they can further define divorce and dissolution filings. For example, a divorce is a marital termination by a court judgment. Divorces are only granted by a court, based on fault. Unlike a dissolution, this legal termination must include the reason the marriage is ending, or why one of the parties is at fault.

To file for a dissolution of marriage with a divorce lawyer, you must have resided in Ohio for at least six months. Otherwise, you cannot file a petition. To file for divorce, you also need to file for the same length of time before you file the complaint.

Converting a Dissolution to a Divorce Proceeding

Sometimes, a divorce lawyer can help you convert a dissolution of marriage to a divorce complaint. If the dissolution is pending, this can be done. The motion will contain the grounds for divorce, complying with the Rules of Civil Procedure in the state. No court fees are required when conversions are made.

As you can see, it helps to get legal advice when filing for a dissolution or divorce. You should not try to tackle either of these legal processes yourself. By talking to an attorney who regularly handles these matters, you can move ahead with less stress and emotion. Use the advice of a lawyer to give you the leverage you need to end a marriage amicably or civilly.

Where to Obtain Further Details Online Now

Would you like to know more about the above court actions? If so, browse our website to get the details you need today. Ending a marriage is not an easy process. However, sometimes you have no choice in the matter if you wish to go forward in life. Make an appointment for a legal consultation now.

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