How Is A Custody Dispute In Stroudsburg, PA Managed?

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firm

In Pennsylvania, couples who cannot agree to the terms of their divorce attend a divorce trial. A child custody hearing is scheduled separately from the divorce trial. All disputes about child custody and support are managed during the hearing. However, a parent could also start a Custody Dispute in Stroudsburg PA long after the divorce is finalized.

The Most Appropriate Setting for the Children

The court must evaluate the living conditions of each parent. The parent’s ability to provide adequate care for the child is also assessed. The time in which the parent spends with the child regularly and their relationship with the child also play a role in the determination. The parent’s home must provide enough space for the child according to child services regulations.

Income and Financial Support

The income of each parent is reviewed to determine if they can provide adequate financial support for the child. The court won’t choose a parent just because they earn more than another. However, their income must provide the child with basic essentials effectively. A parent without an income might face difficulties in securing custody of the child unless they were the primary caregiver during the marriage.

Investigating Any Allegations

The court must investigate all allegations presented by each parent. Any allegations of abuse must be investigated by child protective services. A caseworker will visit the home and assess the child. Any risks such as addiction to drugs or alcohol are also reviewed.

Child Support Requirements

Child support requirements are determined after the judge awards custody. The payments start out at ten percent for the first child and five or six percent for each additional child. However, the percentages could vary based on the parent’s income. Any additional requirements for the child can increase the value of the payments as well.

In Pennsylvania, a custody dispute is filed when a parent wants to acquire child custody. Typically, a new reason has emerged for the parent to make the request after the initial custody hearing. The most common reason is abuse or the discovery of addiction. Petitioners who need to start a Custody Dispute in Stroudsburg PA can contact Erik Conrad Attorney for more information now.

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