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How to Pick the Best Criminal Lawyer in Singapore

If you find yourself facing serious scrutiny or arrested for a criminal offence, your best defence is a criminal defence lawyer. Yet, in Singapore, as is the case in many countries, the list is extensive. How do you pick the best criminal lawyer in Singapore?

What to Consider

When evaluating prospective criminal offence lawyers, it is imperative to consider certain qualities. If you are working through a law firm, be sure to ascertain the reputation it has. How successful is it in criminal matters? What is its reputation?

After looking at the firm, consider the lawyer it plans to assign to your case. Ask the following questions:

1. What kind of reputation does s/he have within the firm and in court?
2. How much experience does the lawyer have concerning your specific circumstances?
3. What type of cases have they handled in the past? How successful were his or her efforts in determining a positive outcome for the client?
4. Are they strong negotiators with other sub-trial experience? Are they also high-quality court lawyers?
5. What is the nature of the lawyer?
6. Does he or she have a strong work ethic?

These are what the best criminal lawyer in Singapore should possess.

Finding the Best Criminal Lawyer

Finding the best lawyer involves doing your own due diligence. Use Google. Check for court reports. Compile a list and methodically go through it. Do remember, however, that while a lawyer may have been successful in many cases, it does not always mean s/he automatically prevails in all.

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