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Need Money for Childcare? Child Support Lawyers in Sugar Land, TX Can Help!

Many single parents know the financial struggle all too well. Trying to juggle childcare costs together with all the household bills that one must pay each month can be a challenge. It can be especially difficult when the child’s other biological parent isn’t paying their fair share. Sadly, for some parents, without a court order, they refuse to support their child. In cases such as this, it’s usually recommended that the custodial parent contact child support lawyers in Sugar Land, TX for help. A child support attorney will work diligently to ensure that both parents share the financial responsibility for their children.

Though many parents may hesitate to contact a child support attorney to work out a financial arrangement, child support can be a difficult matter for the parents to work out on their own without an attorney. Many non-custodial parents fear that almost all of their wage will go to child support, leaving nothing for their needs, but that’s not the case. Child support isn’t based solely on the needs of the child, but instead is largely based on the income of the non-custodial parent. Additionally, young children that require full-time daycare may receive more money per month than an older child that has no regular expense for daycare or need for additional supervision.

Another consideration when determining child support is based on the child’s custody. The child support lawyers in Sugar Land, TX will determine how the parents share custody. If the non-custodial parent has limited contact with the child, that parent will most likely pay more in support than a parent that shares custody almost equally with the other parent. Without attorneys working to ensure the agreement is fair, the non-custodial parent may be paying too much support or not enough, placing the child at an unfair advantage with care.

By searching online, most family law attorneys encourage potential clients to contact them by clicking the “contact us” button for more information. Any parent that is financially struggling due to the other parent not paying their fair share should contact a child support attorney for guidance and advice. With this support from the attorney, they have the assurance that their child support situation will be handled swiftly and justly.

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