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Why Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Mobile, AL?

Many people, especially for apparently minor injuries, tend to allow the insurance company to handle their medical bills so they can focus on recovering quickly. They do not even consider contacting a personal injury attorney in Mobile, AL. Some will do so if there is a problem later in treatment, or if they find themselves with unpaid medical bills. An injury may be more serious than originally thought, which can conflict with getting back to work, or cause prolonged pain and suffering. Contacting an attorney at that point will help to a certain degree, but will not be as successful as contacting one immediately after the injury occurred.

There are so many aspects to consider regarding an injury that it is crucial to hire an attorney. The location and circumstances of the injury should be investigated as soon as possible after the fact. Witnesses have to be interviewed while the incident or accident is fresh in their minds. The location has to be seen, measured, and photographed before conditions alter. Medical records have to be reviewed and treatment has to be followed. The insurance company does not serve the interests of the injured party. It serves the policyholder, and that means settling a case as soon as possible. Once an agreement is accepted, it may not be possible to receive any further payment or treatment. A personal injury attorney in Mobile, AL will protect the rights and interests of the injured person for the short-term, and the long-term.

There are times when even minor injuries cause a lot of pain, worries, and problems. A broken arm, for example, can lead to complications, nerve damage, or reduced use of the arm after it is healed. There may be several months of physical therapy required to restore function and strength; an infection can occur that may lead to the need for more surgery or retraining for a different job may be required. Time away from work, pain and suffering, and loss of that income can bring hardship to a person or a family. Full compensation rather than a low settlement is warranted.

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