Needing Help from A Guardianship Attorney in Lake Elsinore

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Divorce Attorneys

Understanding the concept of guardianship is not always easy. That is why one needs a guardianship attorney in Lake Elsinore. Attorneys can explain the various categories in this area of the law.

An Ageless Concept

Adults and children need guardians. Quite often, guardianships are necessary to protect individuals who cannot protect themselves. For example, there are many reasons why a child may be unable to live with a parent. The parents may be in the military, in jail or deceased.

Unfortunately, adults can become unable to care for themselves. This happens to the elderly but can happen to a younger individual as well. For example, a potential ward may be injured or ill and in need of someone to handle their affairs.

Guardianship for Children

A guardianship attorney in Lake Elsinore handles cases for minors who need guardians of the person itself and their assets. Sometimes, a potential guardian can serve in both capacities. However, there are special laws about a minor’s money and property.

Most jurisdictions require the guardian over assets to have a bond. The court wants to make sure the child’s assets are not mishandled. The guardian of the person has the same responsibilities as a parent. They provide safety and security for the ward. Furthermore, they make sure the child receives medical care and education.

Helping Adults

There are three types of adult guardianship: guardian of the person, guardian of the property and a plenary guardianship. The most common reasons adults need guardians is physical impairment and age-related issues. For example, many elderly people suffer from illnesses that do not allow them to make decisions.

The guardian of the person takes care of the ward’s medical concerns as well as everyday living issues. Often, the guardian of the person lives with the ward and may be a relative. The guardian of the property handles the ward’s financial matters. These include paying bills and managing bank accounts.

Plenary guardians oversee the ward’s person and property. Remember, guardians can be held legally responsible for their actions. In fact, guardians of the property must file a detailed report each year. The report specifies how much money the ward has and if any was spent. If you need assistance, visit the website for the Law Office of Michelle Penna.

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