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Oswego Child Custody Attorneys Help Keep Clients Up To Date on Laws

Child custody laws are sometimes confusing, so Oswego child custody attorneys are on hand to explain the recent changes to Family Law in Illinois that affect child custody. For one thing, it will no longer be called “custody.” The new way to describe child custody is called “parental responsibilities.”

Oswego child custody attorneys aren’t changing their names to fit the new law as of yet, but they still must help their clients to sort out the changes that took effect January 1, 2016. There are some major differences between the way some things are now being handled, for instance regarding education, health, religious upbringing and the child’s extracurricular activities.

No Such Thing as Only One Parent Making Decisions Regarding Children

In the past, there was either sole or joint custody and however that was decided was also what decided how some things such as those listed above were handled in regards to children after a divorce. If the parent had sole custody then they were the only ones to make the decisions or if joint, they would share it.

Under the new law this is called “assignment of parental responsibilities.” Oswego child custody attorneys must explain to clients that decision making authority is now arranged so the court decides which parent can better handle certain aspects of the child’s life. For instance, the court could decide the father can decide what schools the children attend, while the mother can decide about things regarding the child’s healthcare. Or the court could say both parents handle something like religious upbringing.

Oswego Child Custody Attorneys Look to the Best Interests of Children

All child custody cases involve all kinds of differences that must be settled by the courts. This keeps Oswego child custody attorneys busy acting in the best interests of the children, as well as balancing the needs of their clients. Parents now are required to put together a parenting agreement on paper to agree on how responsibilities to the kids are divided up, the judge will take a look and it will play in how the judge applies things to benefit the children’s future.

These, as well as changes in visitation, which is now called “parenting time” have taken place as a method of updating the old child custody rules and making them better for all parties involved. And, the changes are keeping the dedicated Oswego child custody attorneys on their toes and busy handling all of the ways these new laws will affect their clients in Illinois.

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