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Reviewing Possibilities With A Custody Lawyer In Newnan, GA

In Georgia, child custody proceedings are managed through the divorce agreement. However, if the couple cannot agree on a custody arrangement, a separate hearing is scheduled, and a judge makes a determination for them. A Custody Lawyer in Newnan GA assists parents who are facing child custody proceedings.

Sole Child Custody

Sole child custody is awarded when there is a risk to the child. When one of the parents has an addiction, the court will award sole custody to the opposing parent. Any risk that could cause significant harm to the child’s well-being prevents a parent from getting custody. In sole custody situations, the parent has supervised visitation with the child.

Joint Child Custody

Joint child custody gives both parents decision-making power about the child. The parents have equal time with their child whenever possible. A 50-50 custody situation could allow the parents to split custody by the week. Parents who live in the same city could utilize this arrangement and maximize their time with the child.

Discussing Parenting Time

Parenting time often becomes an obstacle for some parents. Typically, a joint custody arrangement provides visitation every other weekend, half of each holiday, and a portion of the summer. Parents aren’t restricted to any set plan, and they are welcome to create a plan that works for them. A more flexible arrangement gives the parents more freedom and increases their quality time with the child.

The Child’s Choice

A guardian at litem is assigned to any child that wants to tell the court who they want to live with. The attorneys give the child a chance to speak to the judge and express their reasons for their choice. If the parent presents a suitable environment for the child, the judge might grant the child’s wishes.

In Georgia, child custody proceedings give parents a chance to determine who gets primary custody of the child and how much child support is required. The law requires parents to choose between sole or joint custody. Typically, the court doesn’t award sole custody unless there is a risk to the child. Parents who need answers about child custody contact a Custody Lawyer in Newnan GA or Find more information here now.

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