What to Discuss with a Child Custody Lawyer in Frederick

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Child Custody

In Maryland, child custody is a part of the divorce agreement. Couples who produce children during a marriage must make decisions about child custody that are fair and reasonable. The agreement designates who has primary custody of the child and how visitation is set up. Reviewing what to discuss with a child custody lawyer in Frederick helps parents cover all their bases.

The Type of Child Custody Preferred

Child custody arrangements are either joint or sole arrangements. Joint custody gives both parents the opportunity to make decisions about the child. Sole custody indicates that only one parent will make decisions about the child. The parents must agree on the terms of the child custody arrangement or the court makes those decisions during a hearing.

The Wishes of the Child

A guardian ad litem is assigned to the children to allow any child over the age of 12 to decide where they want to live. The judge will consider the child’s choices after the parent is evaluated. If there are risks to the child, the court won’t allow them to live with their parent of choice.

Proposed Parenting Time

Proposed parenting time outlines when each parent gets the child. The standard arrangement allows the custodial parent to keep the child through the week, and the noncustodial parent receives visitation every other weekend. However, the parents are not restricted by the standard arrangement and can choose for themselves.

Additional Costs for the Child

Any additional costs for the child, such as tuition at a private school and medical treatments, are factored into the child support orders. The parents can set up a plan for child support according to the child’s needs. If they cannot agree, the court will calculate the child support according to the income of both parents.

In Maryland, child custody arrangements define when each parent has their children. The arrangements outline who gets the children during holidays and birthdays, too. Children who are at least 12 have the right to decide where they want to live. Parents who need assistance from a child custody lawyer in Frederick can schedule an appointment right now.

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