Starting a Claim With an Auto Accident Attorney in Norfolk, VA

by | May 25, 2017 | Lawyers

In Virginia, auto accidents could happen at any time. These events could lead to serious injuries that result in disabilities for the victim. And when these conditions develop, the victim won’t have the ability to support themselves financially, which could present them with even further difficulties. The following is information about starting a claim with an auto accident attorney in Norfolk, VA.

Details on the Accident Report

The accident report provides certain details about the accident, including the names and contact information for all parties involved. It also includes details about the accident such as how it started and what happened as a result of these events. It also provides the officer’s ruling as to who is at fault for these accidents.

Assessing Blame in the Accident

If the accident report was inconclusive, a further investigation must be performed to determine who will be deemed liable for the accident. It could be another driver, a parts manufacturer, or even a mechanic. The investigation determines if the sequence of events was the only cause of the accident. If another party is identified, this could alter the exact defendant in the lawsuit.

Criminal Offenses Connected to the Civil Case

A DUI is the most common criminal offenses that could be connected to a civil lawsuit. It is this offense that could present a greater probability of life-threatening injuries. The driver faces the full penalty of the offense based on the total number of convictions they have. They could face further penalties if the victim dies.

What Could Victims Receive?

The victims acquire the full cost of their expenses, which includes medical expenses as well as auto repair needs. They may acquire lifetime wages if they develop a disability. If the victim dies, their family could acquire further awards.

In Virginia, auto accidents produce a variety of injury possibilities. It is these injuries that lead to civil lawsuits. If a driver doesn’t have insurance, the victim files these lawsuits to collect compensation for their expenses. Victims of an accident can contact an auto accident attorney in Norfolk, VA through Price Perkins Larkin for more information right now.

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