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by | May 31, 2018 | Lawyers

In Pennsylvania, dog attacks lead to serious injuries in some cases. The injuries could be life-threatening or cause serious changes for the victim. The cases aren’t always cut and dry. Additional circumstances could apply that points the blame at the victim. Personal Injury Attorneys in Williamsport PA provide legal assistance for victims who sustain injuries during a dog attack.

How Does Comparative Fault Apply to a Dog Attack?

In a dog attack case, comparative fault is determined by whether or not the victim played a role in causing the attack. Common indications of comparative fault are provoking the animal, trespassing on the dog owner’s property, and animal cruelty or abuse.

How are Strict Liabilities Determined?

A strict liability is determined by any records of attacks lined directly to the dog. The animal control officer keeps accurate records of all dog attacks. If the dog has a previous history, the owners are liable for failing to prevent a new attack. With a strict liability, the court imposes additional tort-based requirements for pain and suffering.

Why are Quarantines Required?

The incubation period of the rabies virus is about twelve days. Any dog that wasn’t vaccinated and attacked a human must undergo a quarantine period. The licensed vet manages the quarantine and evaluates the dog. At the end of the quarantine, the vet’s findings are reported back to the animal control officer. The vet also provides updated shots for the dog.

What Happens to the Dog?

The animal control officer rules on what happens to the dog after a dog attack. If the dog is a threat to the public, the animal is either euthanized or relocated. The animal control officer makes the determination and informs the dog owner of their decision by mail.

In Pennsylvania, the circumstances of a dog attack determine the outcome of a legal claim. In fact, the court reviews the sequence of events that led up to the accident to determine if the victim should be held at a comparative fault. Dog owners are required by law to keep their pets vaccinated and prevent the potential for an attack. Victims who need help from Personal Injury Attorneys in Williamsport PA Visit site right now.

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