What to Look For In an Employment Discrimination Attorney

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Attorneys

An Addison employment discrimination lawyer can help you if your employer has discriminated against you based on gender, disability, age, race, military status, national origin, pregnancy and genetic information. Many states have different antidiscrimination laws and you will need to consult your lawyer with all the information to ensure your lawyer can determine the category of the offense and address your case accordingly.

In order to properly address your Employment discrimination in Addison will be asked to provide information such as documents to help support/prove that discrimination occurred like termination documents, yearly reports/quarterly reports, emails, text messages and so on. You may also need to provide proof of financial troubles faced by presenting paystubs, losses from termination or medical expenses. Providing a witness to the discrimination offenses may be very important to your case, so be sure to provide contact name and numbers of anyone who has witnessed the occurrence. The lawyer will then be able to explain what kind and amount of damages you can claim for employment discrimination determined by the law of that state.

To help with Employment discrimination in Addison you will be provided with options that are steps you can take to move forward with your case. These options usually follow certain steps which include firstly a demand letter from your lawyer to your employer stating the laws broken by the employer and the losses you have suffered as a result. The purpose of this letter is to see if the employer is willing to negotiate, if not the next step would be to file an agency complaint which involves filing a complaint to an enforcement agency. Sometimes cases are solved at the agency level through a settlement or decisions. If the agency denies your claim your next step is court, sometimes the agency will issue a “right to sue letter”. At the lawsuit phase your lawyer will explain the financial costs from the discovery phase to the trial itself.

Another option is mediation; this is where the lawyer and the employer meet with a mediator to discuss the case and attempt to come to an agreement. Mediation is not binding and unless there is an agreement between both parties then no final agreement will happen.

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