What Does an Employee Benefits Lawyer Do?

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Workers Compensation

While the law does not require companies to provide benefits to their employees, once they have agreed to provide them, they must hold up to their agreement, even if the employee and employer sever their relationship. An Employee Benefits Lawyer represents people who have not received the employee benefits they were promised as a part of their employment. If one feels they have been denied their benefits, it is important they learn all they can about their rights by seeking the help of a lawyer as soon as possible.

While employers are not always required to provide benefits, they often do to ensure they are able to entice people to work for them. Unfortunately, some employers will make cuts in areas that cause employees to feel the brunt of the decision. Sometimes, this means employees do not receive the benefits they were promised. When this happens, employees can often feel intimidated because they are not sure how to handle the issue with their employer without feeling threatened with the loss of their job. Others find themselves severing the relationship or being fired and finding their employer does not make good on their benefit promises.

An Employee Benefits Lawyer can help with issues surrounding:

     *     Profit sharing

     *     Long-term disability insurance

     *     Severance

     *     Retirement plans

     *     Pension plans

     *     Health insurance plans

     *     Paid vacation packages

Even if a person does not necessarily want to take their employer to court, simply hiring a lawyer can help. Companies are often more willing to negotiate when a lawyer has been hired and there is a possibility of heading to court. The lawyer will first work to gather all of the details of the claim by carefully researching. Negotiations can often prove useful in settling employee benefit claims without court.

If a lawyer feels the negotiation process is not proceeding as planned, there is always the option of taking the employee to court. If you are dealing with issues surrounding your employment benefits, visit chrisrichardattorney.com. Here, you will find the legal help you need so you can hold your employer accountable for the benefits package they have promised you. Call today and schedule a consultation appointment with the lawyer to get started. You can also visit them on Google+ for regular updates.

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