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What Victims Can Expect During a Case with a Dog Bite Lawyer in Boone County, IL

In Illinois, pet owners who fail to prevent dog bites and attacks are liable for the injuries and medical expenses of the victim. These cases enforce laws that pertain to owning a dog and personal injury matters. The following is what victims can expect during a case with a dog bite lawyer in Boone County, IL.

Medical Assessment and Report

The doctor that provides the victim’s medical assessment produces records that are vital to the case. These records detail the victim’s injuries and provide conclusive evidence that supports their claim. Additionally, by law, all medical doctors who treat a victim of a dog attack are required to report the animal to the animal control officer. This law enforces rabies vaccination laws and prevents humans from contracting the virus.

Quarantines and Animal Control

The animal control officer issues a citation to the pet owner about the attack. The pet owner must surrender the dog to a licensed vet for an assessment and present vaccination records for the animal to the animal control officer. The quarantine period is up to twelve days, and the pet owner must surrender the animal on the date specified by the animal control officer. They will also face fines if they don’t have a vaccination record for the animal.

Strict Liabilities and Pet Owners

A strict liability would come into play if the dog was involved in previous attacks. The pet owner will be required to pay for the full cost of medical expenses for the victim. They will also be required to provide a settlement for pain and suffering.

What Happens to the Dog

The animal control officer will determine what happens to the animal. If the dog has rabies, it is euthanized immediately. If it shows signs of aggression or is a risk to the public, the officer may require relocation of the animal or euthanization.

In Illinois, pet owners that don’t take precautions to prevent animal attacks could face liability cases. If their dog bites or attacks without being provoked, the victim can file a legal claim against the owner. Victims of these cases contact a dog bite lawyer in Boone County, IL to start a claim or visit here to get more information about these proceedings.

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