When You’re In Jail After An Arrest, Help Is Available

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Legal Services

If someone finds themselves on the wrong side of the bars, their only thought is getting out of jail. Most cases require that the bond is paid and the individual can be freed with certain conditions. Coming up with that kind of money can be difficult, and trying to rely on family and friends to pay the bill can meet its own set of challenges. Bail or bond is the amount of cash or cash equivalent an arrested person must pay to get free from jail. This money is placed with the court to ensure the accused appears in court for their next hearing. If the person shows up, they court will refund the money.

Courts will take cash or checks for the full amount of bail that is due. Property can be used for the full amount of the bail. When someone doesn’t have this type of money, they need to contact a Bail Bond in Douglasville GA. If the full amount of bail is $10,000, the premium fee is usually ten percent of the full bail amount, which is $1,000. The individual signing for the bail is financially liable for the bill. A bail bondsman can coordinate someone’s release once they have paid the money to the court. If the individual that was arrested doesn’t show up for the court hearing, a bondsman is responsible for paying the balance of the bail money.

When someone’s been charged with a crime of a misdemeanor, felony, or federal crime, they almost always have to pay bail to get released. Bail can be withheld in certain cases where the death penalty or life without parole is a punishment for the crime. If the accused is a threat to another individual, bail may also be denied. Courts are permitted to set a high bail depending on the crime that was committed. If someone’s short on cash to pay the court, they can contact a company that’s experienced with Bail Bond in Douglasville GA.

Don’t spend any more time in jail than necessary if you’ve been accused of a crime. Visit us website to find out more about posting bail in Georgia.

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